Conscious Art

'Fear of Other People'. (2007)
‘Fear of Other People’. (2007)

Consciousness creates constantly. You are continually, consciously perceiving, interpreting and creating meaning.  Therefore consciousness & creativity are constants and preside before anything else., except that which presides before anything else.

In the realm of art, in whatever medium, consciousness is of course extremely important, even crucial.

The painting pictured here took around 30 minutes.

I spent a whole year on a single painting once, without realising all I really, ultimately needed was to get out of the way and become a mere conduit for a ‘higher’ art… a higher consciousness.   When I look at that painting, it does feel somehow satisfyingly ‘real’ to me as something of that era in my life was unintentionally transmitted onto the canvas through the brush and colours.

I’m very interested in how art can connect with, and be a celebration of, the absolute and pure source of all creation, residing in and with each one of us.

Here’s a few more of my artworks.

Below is one of a series of workshops I designed and ran in schools and galleries.

My Sacred Identity – School Workshop.