Autism Awareness

An experiential Autism Awareness presentation session for any organisation including schools, universities and businesses can be tailored for any level or setting.


This is a lively multimedia session, from an experiential viewpoint filled with personal accounts and relevant information, focussing on diversity and strengths over disorders and disabilities.  The more common themes such as the autism spectrum, stereotypes, interventions, communities, identity, creativity, self-discovery, stimming etc. are delivered with clear descriptions, video clips, dialogue, role play,  etc. to strengthen awareness and the inclusive, compassionate mindset.  I like to conclude with a short guided Mindfulness session to demonstrate its stress-reducing benefits, which many autistic people are now practicing.

Sessions can be from an hour presentation to half a day interactive workshop.

“Thanks you for coming it was a real eye opener and very informative. The students were engrossed.  Hope to keep working with you.”
– High Storrs School, Sheffield

Please contact me with any questions and for further information.
What is Autism?

disability sheffieldI was trained in Autism Awareness at Disability Sheffield, where I currently work as a researcher.  It is a small user led organisation that works with disabled people to increase their capacity to live independent and fulfilling lives.


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