How do you blog the present?

Spontaneous activity is what fascinates me the most.  Being ‘in the zone’ writing for others to read is an interesting idea.  The question of a book or a blog is how much weight of the original essence or the immediacy, does it carry? It’s the same with any art form and I studied this academically and experiencially at university (although I’m not sure we came up with any answers!) I do have a 4ft square painting hanging in my lounge which took me the best part of the whole of the first year on my degree, whilst I searched for the spark… it stands as a testimony for the search but how much of the ‘spirit’ of that search?  My final piece of the whole degree was a collection of video clips of people in the town centre staring into the camera. I’d also experimented with public ‘interventions’ such as randomly introducing myself to people or unreeling a cotton reel down a busy shopping precinct and consequent interaction with strangers, this uncovered something of the social and empathic in me.

After emerging from meditation, which I just have, I feel writing is a satisfying and useful medium to express spontaneity, merely because one’s nature is more spontaneous, this being the goal of meditation; to be free from concept and relativity. I have tried vlogging these moments but immediacy on video somehow gets confusing for me or it’s just too crude and live-streaming has already offered us a window into the worlds of the less sophisticated.

So we’re left with the age old problem of capturing time.   As a kid I recall conversations with my brother around time’s elusiveness, “Come back second!’ we’d laugh.  An art form must somehow embody something eternal, even if the message is about transience or temporality.

One thing I deduced from my reflection earlier is that it’s not totally futile to try to pass on the spirit of peace, love and tranquility cultivated in a sitting aimed at transcendence..

All states pass and all art can do is honour the total powerlessness of itself.

Livestream anyone….?

Om Shanti.

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