Bisoku & Kristiina Helin

Like many of the Conscious TV interviews, this effected me deeply in its own unique way.

Two things:  the discussion of high-speed things that can occur when one is being absolutely still really struck a deep chord. I was touched how Kristiina wasn’t pressed to discuss ‘that which can not be spoken of’. Secondly, the Bisoku exercise; I was spellbound by videos of Min Tinaka and practiced something close to ‘spontaneous movement awareness’ myself but never heard of Bisoku until now (and how strange there’s nothing on the web about it!).  Having my first go at the exercise this morning I was really shocked to find how powerful it can be. In fact the ‘stillness in perpetual movement’ is a theme that is really significant for me at this time. I hope to be able to share this wonderful technique and wisdom and can’t wait (haha!) to find out more! Thank you Kristiina.